Keynote is one of the leading Danish companies working with classical music as a useful and tangible tool for improving leadership skills, communication and teamwork.
We have experienced that music opens up for a new both exiting and serious way of reflecting and working with issues such as trust, motivation, commitment and potential.
By mirroring yourself in a different field – the world of classical music – you get the opportunity of becoming aware of aspects and maybe ‘blind spots’ in your daily worklife. Or just getting ideas of how to approach tasks and routines differently.
We move people in a respectful and honest way exploring new territories and perspectives of each individual.
Keynote has worked with all sizes of businesses and organisations both in Denmark and abroad.
We offer workshops, talks and ‘open rehearsals’ with small ensembles – a unique opportunity to look closely at professional musicians rehearsing live and learn from their way of working together towards the goal.

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